University to Chart Situation with Berry-pickers

The University of Lapland is planning to carry out research into the situation of foreign nationals working in Finland as seasonal berry-pickers.

Each summer around 2,500 Thais, among others, enter Finland to work as seasonal pickers of wild berries. The idea of the planned study is to chart the Thai berry-pickers’ position in Finland as well as back in Thailand.
The researchers are interested in finding out, for example, how the berry-pickers finance their journey to Finland.
In addition, the local authorities’ activities in the country of origin, the visa application process, and possible characteristics of illegal immigration and trafficking in human beings will be looked into.
The portion of the study that deals with Finland concentrates on the Thai berry-pickers’ working and living conditions.

      Also under scrutiny will be the seasonal berry-pickers’ relationship with the Finnish companies that invite them into the country, and with Finnish society as a whole.

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