Swede Stabbed to Death in Phuket

A Swedish man has been savagely knifed to death in the western beach resort town of Patong, Phuket police said tonight. Police are hunting his killer or killers, writes PhuketWan.

The man’s naked body was found in the 10 million baht apartment that the 53-year-old man owned on the 10th floor of the Patong Tower about 6.20pm.

Officers said the staff at the condominium block found the man lying on his side on a bed, with two deep stab wounds to the left side of his back. Cuts also appeared to have been made to his back with broken glass.

A bottle of vodka was in the room. Police said there were many footprints in the room and in the corridoor outside, writes PhuketWan.

Some of the footprints were in blood, police said. The air conditioning was on and the television was playing loudly, officers said.

Pot plants on the balcony of the apartment had been tipped over.

Officers found money in the pocket of the man’s shorts, on the floor. Police believe that more than one person may have been involved in a party that went wrong.

Swedish envoys have been informed of the man’s death. The man’s body was taken to Patong Hospital, writes PhuketWan.

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