First Norwegian-Indonesian Hydropower Plant

The hydropower plant (10 MW) is the first Norwegian plant financed and built in Indonesia by KF Fjellsikring and Tinfos. The project included Norwegian expertise and management traditions in terms of environment analysis, use of local work force and women in the executive level. The mini hydropower plant is also the first qualified for quotas in the Green development mechanism (CDM) in Indonesia, which is now in under approval in the UN.

The opening event in the Governor’s residence in Makassar attracted a number of high level representatives in Makassar as well as a Norwegian delegation, headed by the owner of Tinfos Mr. Halvor Holta and KF Fjellsikring’s Director Knut Fossum, who has been in charge of the project. The Norwegian Ambassador to Indonesia H.E. Mr. Eivind S. Homme emphasised in his speech that the bilateral relations on energy and climate originated from Prime Minister’s Brundtland’s visit to Indonesia in 1995 and the joint declaration signed by President Yudhoyono and Prime Minister Stoltenberg in 2007 on developing the cooperation in these fields. Governor Yasim Limpo stressed in his speech the hydro power plant’s potential in achieving the province’s ambitious goals in terms of economic growth and the development of clean energy.

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