Niza Finally Re-united with Her Father

The 4 year old Niza Engdahl, who was abducted by her mother twelve days ago in Hua Hin, is now back with her father Henrik Engdahl.
Niza’s mother, Surat Enmak, did not show up at the Swedish Embassy this Monday morning as was arranged. But with the help of Pattaya police, who called her up and told her to give up the child, Surat Enmak agreed to meet with Henrik Engdahl in the afternoon instead.
Finally at 4 o’clock Henrik Engdahl succeeded in getting Niza back in his arms again. Surat Enmak told him that she never intended to keep Niza but just wanted to spend some time with her, which she said she had her rights to do.
It was a very confused and tired girl who was finally reunited with her father in Pattaya, and right away she greeted him with a big hug and kisses. Few minutes later in the car she fell a sleep, exhausted. Realizing that his little girl was back and that they were now on their way back to normal life, he couldn’t hold back his tears.
“I hope this will never happen again for me or any other parents,” he said.
“This was a wake up call. I hope also for other parents, “ he added.
Henrik Engdahl will now contact his lawyer about what to do regarding the school.
“This would never have happened if it wasn’t because of the school,”, Henrik says.
On Facebook, the interest in the case was huge. Today the page about Niza’s abduction now have 987 friends. Henrik Engdahl is happy to know that a lot of people and especially family and friends in Sweden have been there for Niza and he is thankful for the help he had from all.
“Getting Niza back would never have happened without their great support. They were there watching both night and day for news about Niza. I’m very happy that Niza has such dear family and friends,”’ Mr. Engdahl says with great humility in his voice.

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