4 Year Old Swedish-Thai Girl Kidnapped

Latest: Niza Finally Re-united with Her Father

Niza Engdahl was in school on Wednesday, when a woman came to pick her up. According to a friend of the father, who has posted what happened on the internet, the Thai woman claimed that she was Niza’s mother.

The teacher admits that Niza denied that the woman was her mother, but because the woman gave her Thai ID Card as guarantee, the teacher accepted that the woman stayed to play with Niza while she went to a meeting. When she came back, both the woman and Niza were gone.

Later, it turned out, that the woman, who exchanged her ID card for the child, was indeed Niza’s mother, Surat Enmak who left the familiy in 2009 and in april 2010 gave divorce and custody of their two children to Henrik Engdahl. But since picking up her daughter that Wednesday she has disappeared with the 4 year old girl..

Henrik Engdahls recognized the woman on the schools surveillance camera as his former wife. Mother Surat Enmak has not contacted him after the kidnapping, and he does not know her intentions.

Mr. Engdahl has reported the kidnapping to the police but has been told that he must wait 15 days from the kidnapping before a thorough investigation can take place because of the police’s ‘step-by-step’ procedure.

“I’m stuck in a big country with no clue,” Engdahl says.

Swedish Henrik Engdahl was in the province of Buri Ram, where he previously lived with Surat Enmak, when scandasia talked to him today, Tuesday 8 March 2011. He has been seeking his little girl, in Bangkok, Pattaya and now in Buri Ram, since she was kidnapped from the school at about lunch time on the 2 March 2011.

“Niza is a sentive girl, a daddys girl, where I go she goes and she must be feeling horrible now being with strangers, who don’t know her needs,” Henrik Engdahl says.

He is disappointed with the school who just accepted an ID in exchange for the girl to go with a stranger and want to initiate a law suit against the school when he gets back to Hua Hin.

Niza was wearing a kindergarten school uniform when she was abducted. A dark blue dress, with a light blue shirt and a west over the shirt. She understands and speaks both swedish and thai.
Henrik Engdahl has offered a reward of 50.000 bath for finding his daughter.

If you see this girl please contact your local police department in Thailand. Or you can call directly to Henrik Engdahl: (+66) (0) 822433115

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