Improvement of the Reintegration of Former Drug Addicts into Society

The ceremony was attended by the vice chairman of the Hanoi People Committee, the director of the Department of Labour, Invalids, and Social Affairs as well as Ambassador John Nielsen and representatives from Esoftflow and Strategic Consulting Company Ltd.

The Ambassador expressed his satisfaction with the project, stating: “I believe that this is a vital step in helping socially disadvantaged people reintegrate into society, which is a very important task that is the responsibility of us all.”
The project offers the former drug users at the Ba Vi Centre a comprehensive training programme that covers elementary English, computer skills, specialised graphics, and knowledge about social integration. What makes the project unique is the fact that some of the interns will be offered work at the Esoftflow company, who also provides some of the training at the centre. The project adds much value because it incorporates soft skill training into the programme, which helps the inmates socialise and adapt themselves to a normal working environment, which are vital steps for the successful reintegration of former drug addicts into society.

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