Vietnam – Denmark Partnership in the Textile and Garment Industry

The seminar featured opening speeches from The Danish Ambassador John Nielsen and the Vietnamese Vice-Minister for Trade and Industry Tran Tuan Anh. Subsequently the participants were able to benefit from the overview of the Textile and Garment Industry presented by the Vice Chairwoman and General Secretary of VITAS, Mrs. Dang Phuong Dung. A brief introduction on the Business-to-Business programme was presented by Le Thanh Loan from the Danish Embassy.

After the seminar a TechChange took place, providing the 19 Danish and 45 Vietnamese companies the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas concerning the potential for future partnerships and the development of the sector in both countries. This proved to be a very successful event as the companies had the chance to make an early screening of several potential partners in short time. Many Vietnamese attended and showed a genuine interest in the Danish companies. A lot of the Danish companies managed to schedule extra meetings with interested Vietnamese firms, even though most have already got a packed schedule.

The seminar and TechChange evoked quite a lot of interest from the local and national press. Several interviews with the Vice Minister of Trade and Industry, the Danish Ambassador and the Vice Chairwoman of VITAS were carried out. On the Evening News in the same day a piece was brought on the event. A reportage on the Trade relationship between Vietnam and Denmark will be on the INFO TV Import-Export channel at 9:30am on Sunday, 3rd April.

The remaining schedule for the Textile and Garment delegation includes, approximately 150 individual local factory visits by the Danish companies in and around Hanoi from Monday to Thursday. On Thursday 31st the delegation departs for HCMC where another 100 visits to potential partners will be carried out before the delegation returns to Denmark on Saturday.

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