Two new trainees soon at chambers’ shared office

Esben Gravlev Rasmussen from Frederiksberg in Denmark and Kristian Svensson from Halmstad in Sweden will be the next two trainees at the combined secretariat of the three Scandinavian chambers of commerce in Thailand.
     While Esben will be arriving the end of July to mainly coordinate projects and take care of the interests of the Danish-Thai Chamber, Kristian will be in Bangkok a little later early August to take over the similar works of the Thai-Swedish and the Thai-Norwegian Chambers.
     24-year-old Esben, the third Danish trainee in four years at the chamber office, is completing his Bachelor degree in Economics and Business Administration at the Copenhagen Business School this summer. In 2003 he was in Thailand on an academic exchange where he studied at Thammasat University.
     Kristian, who was born and grown up in Halmstad in the southwest of Sweden, studies at the Stockholm School of Economics.
     The predecessor of the two trainees, Janus Kortsen who have received many admirations for his productive contribution for the three chambers, completed his internship at the secretariat the end of May. He will stay in Thailand until late June to explore the country on a leisure term, then fly to Shanghai for another three-week task as part of his master’s degree fulfillment before flying back to Denmark.

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