Swedish Ambassador to Poland

Staffan Herrstöm, Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam was appointed as the Swedish Ambassador to Poland yesterday (26 May 2011). Today, Staffan Herrström wrote the following on his blog:

“This exciting week also included one important decision for myself, since I was appointed new Ambassador to Poland yesterday. I am very happy and proud for that. I used to work with Poland for several years at our development agency Sida, so coming back on a more permanent basis will be exciting.
Still, I continue with a focus on Vietnam, our Embassy and our staff as long as I am here. And that will be still be for some time. In a minute there will be a TV-interview on environment. And tonight screening of the lovely Swedish comedy “Jalla, Jalla” as part of the European Days in Hanoi.”

Staffan Herrström has been the Ambassador of Sweden to Vietnam since 1 September 2010. The Ambassador only just settled in his chair before the Swedish Parliament decided to close the embassy of Vietnam two months later.

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