DanCham to Pandora

Managing Director Thomas H. Nyborg telling about Pandora’s background

It was an activity filled day for the 32 members, beginning with the bus ride from On Nut Skytrain station at 11.30 to the end of their tour around the factory at 17.00
Pandora’s Managing Director Thomas H. Nyborg told the visitors about the company’s mission and vision.
Its founder, Per Enevoldsen also made an appearance and welcomed the DanCham members.

The visitors were then divided into six teams and with different starting points, each team started on a guided tour around the factory where they saw the exciting processes that the Pandora jewelery went through.
They saw how it started with designs on drawing boards and ended with the final piece ready for sale.
The glass charms fitted perfectly on leather neckbands presented to the guests as a gift from Pandora.

Spicing things up during the tour, each group was asked to participate in a little competition of creating the best set of customized jewelry. Guests were allowed to use some of the machines and to work with both fluent wax, to make models for charms and melting glass in the efforts to achieve an impressive final product. For some members it was a challenge and had to put on their creative thinking hats and explore the art.
The winning teams received attractive charms.

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