Chinese Wind Turbines Tested in Denmark

Assisted by Invest in Denmark, Chinese Envision Energy opened a Global Innovation Centre in Denmark in March 2010. Now, only a about a year later, the Chinese wind energy company is going to manufacture and test a new offshore wind turbine prototype developed in Denmark.

Envision Energy has rented a large production site in Frederikshavn in the northern part of Denmark to assemble the new offshore wind turbine, while the testing will be placed close to Thyborøn. The testing period will commence in 2012.

Regional Project Manager at Invest in Denmark, Peder Bo Sørensen, appreciates the concrete results of Envision Energy’s Danish establishment: “As we at Invest in Denmark convinced Envision Energy that Denmark would be the best place for their wind energy development and innovation centre, I’m glad to see how quickly they have entered into the next phase of actually manufacturing and testing a wind turbine developed on Danish ground.

The Global Innovation Centre in Denmark has 25 highly qualified employees, and for the assembly of the prototype, Envision Energy expects to hire ten more specialised people from the Danish wind industry.

While Denmark is a leader in wind energy overall, the Danish position within offshore wind energy is unbeatable with 90 percent of all offshore wind turbines being either produced in or having parts developed in Denmark.

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