All Scandinavian countries closed for non-EU travelers

Photo: thisisFINLAND.

The Swedish- and Finnish governments announced on17 March 2020 that both Nordic countries will now close their borders for the time ever to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus. Both the Swedish- and Finnish borders will close 19 March 2020.

Although the borders are formally closed, the Swedish- and Finnish governments still allow their citizens to move within the area of the European Union. But the borders will be closed to people from non-EU countries.

“Today’s decision is in line with the European Council and Commission’s advice to EU member states to introduce a temporary ban on inbound travel to the EU from third countries,” said the Swedish Minister of Internal Affairs Mikeal Damberg in a statement.

The Finnish government has released guidelines for which border crossing points that are open: cargo- and return traffic between Finland and Norway will only be allowed through Karigasniemi, Kilpisjärvi, Kivilompolo, Nuorgam, Näätämö and Utsjoki. Cargo- and return traffic between Finland and Sweden will only be allowed in Karesuvanto, Kolari, Muonio, Pello Tornio and Ylitornio.

Crossing the boarder at any other crossing site is not allowed.


The Danish government decided to close the Danish borders 13 March 2020, with the Norwegian government making the same decision 16 March 2020.


Source: Helsinki Times & The Star

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