Asian borders restriction policy update

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As World Health Organisation announced Covid-19 situation reached pandemic state on 11 March 2020, Asian countries have adjusted travel restriction policies to maximise health safeguard for all. Please check with the embassies of countries you wish to visit when planing the trip.


Singapore introduced self-quarantine on 16 March as a mandatory measure for all travellers who visited or transited through Japan, Switzerland or the UK within 14 days.

The same self-quarantine measure also applies to travellers from the ASEAN region and includes both residents and those who transited through any of the member states, within 14 days of their arrival in Singapore.

The rule will not apply to Singaporeans and Malaysians using sea and land crossings, according to a CNA report that quoted Singapore’s  National Development Minister, Lawrence Wong, saying that separate arrangements were being worked out by a bilateral joint working group.

ASEAN member states are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.


On 16 March, Malaysia added Denmark to its travel ban list after the European nation went into lock-down at the weekend. Other countries on the list include Italy, Iran, South Korea, China ( limited to Hubei, Zhejiang and Jiangsu and Japan limited to Hokkaido.)

Hong Kong SAR

Hong Kong will introduce quarantine requirements effective on 19 March to include travellers who have visited the US, UK and Ireland arrivals within 14 days.

The rule includes Hong Kong residents, who have transited through the US, UK or Ireland within the last 14 days. They will have to quarantine in their homes. Travellers who are not residents of Hong Kong will be assigned a quarantine address.

Macau SAR

Macau extends entry restrictions for travellers effective on 17 March. A 14-day quarantine applies for travellers who have transited through the UK, the US, Canada, Brazil, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand and Europe’s Schengen Area that represents 26 nations. Macau residents can quarantine at their homes while foreign nationals are assigned accommodation at Pousada Marina Infante Hotel at their own expense.


China introduced a 14-day quarantine for all travellers arriving in Beijing started on 16 March.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka extended its travel ban on 16 March to include the UK. It adds the UK to a list announced earlier that bans travel from  South Korea, Italy, Iran, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and Austria.
Flights to China have not resumed, and cruise ships are barred from docking at Sri Lankan ports.

Source: TTRWeekly

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