China wants 100 percent Danish småkager

vanilekranseThe “little cake” from Denmark is big in China.

Danish “småkager” is more popular than ever, especially from Danish brand Danisa. Through the last decade, Danisa’s sale of “småkager” in China has increased more than 20 percent.

“The whole family adores the Danish småkager. The children loves them,” says Chinese revisor and family mother, Ma Jing.

Denmark equals quality in China.

“When it comes to quality, people believe the Danish brands has more of it,” says store manager Shi Junling from Beijing.

Unlike people from Denmark, who traditionally eats småkager during Christmas time, Chinese people eat småkager all year around. The demand for the little cakes increases, and for many years Danisa produced their småkager at a factory in Indonesia. But even if the recipe was absolutely Danish, and the cover of the box to the småkager had a picture of Nyhavn, it was not enough for the Chinese småkage-lovers.

Danisa had to buy a new extra factory in Støvring in North Jutland to satisfy their Chinese customers who demands 100 percent Danish småkager.

The fact Chinese people prefer Danish småkager produced in Denmark is might linked to the “småkage war” from 2015, when fake småkager was sold in China. The småkage factory Kelsen in Nørre Snede in Denmark was copied by Indonesian business Mayora, who marketed their småkager as “Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies” and “Original Danish Recipe”.

With the new factory in Denmark, Chinese customers can be sure their cookies are 100 percent Danish.



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