Chinese Center wins dispute against the Danish Police Association over locked gate

The Danish High Court has ruled in favor of the Chinese Cultural Center in their case against the Police Association over whether the Chinese Cultural Center may lock a gate on HC Andersens Boulevard in Copenhagen, media JydskeVestkysten reports. The Chinese Cultural Center is located at number 36, the Police Association is located at number 38 but the backyard is on the cultural center’s land register.

The Danish High court upheld the verdict from the Copenhagen City Court which means that the Police Association is not allowed to unlock the gate to the backyard and park there as the premises belong to the Chinese Cultural Center.

The Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China took over the building from the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music for DKK 40 million. They renovated the building and a gate to the backyard was locked on 16 November 2018. The Police Association however believed that they were still allowed to park in the backyard even though it was on the cultural center grounds because they had obtained a right to use permit. The Chinese Cultural Center denied the permit and so did the Copenhagen City Court. The Police Association appealed the case, but there was no change in the outcome from the High Court.

While the case was at Copenhagen City Court, The director of the cultural center, Zang Li, told the city court that it is important to have a friendly relationship with the neighbors, “but the neighbors must understand that the property is owned by a foreign government”.

The Police Association pointed out that nothing has taken place in secret. It has been visible to everyone that they simply have been driving into the backyard to park. Nonetheless, they will have to find alternative parking from now on.

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