Chinese restaurant in Denmark is up for sale due to a lack of Chinese chefs

The Chinese restaurant Big World in the Danish town of Grindsted is up for sale. The reason is that the Chinese owners can not get Chinese chefs to Denmark, media JydskeVestkysten writes.

The Chinese couple Feng Lin and Yao Gong Yan are both from Fu Jian province in southern China. Lin came to Denmark in 1997 and Gong followed in 2002 and in 2014 they opened the Restaurant Big World. 

The couple explains that they have been forced to put the restaurant up for sale.

“We have been forced to put the restaurant in Grindsted up for sale. Not because the restaurant runs poorly, because it does not, but because we can not get Chinese chefs to Denmark. We have tried with Danish chefs, but they can not make the Chinese dishes that we have. We are constantly searching for Chinese chefs,” Lin Feng says.

Right now, the Chinese couple has chefs for the restaurant in Grindsted, so it runs as usual. “But in a year and a half, we will be short of chefs, as those we have now will start their own businesses,” Lin Feng explains.

She does not hope that it will be necessary to close Big World in Grindsted. “We are fighting not to close, and we are trying to find a solution,” Lin Feng says.

Lin Feng says that there has not yet been anyone interested in looking at the restaurant which seats 150 guests.

The sales ad from states that the restaurant’s total area is 420 square meters, where the 242 square meters are restaurant and serving. The turnover is DKK 4.5 million a year, and the restaurant and premises are set at DKK 1.8 million.

Although no one has been to look at the restaurant yet, Business broker Søren Klein from who is responsible for the sale, says that the sales material has been downloaded 120 times so there is definitely an interest. 

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