Concert with Viggo Sommer at the Danish Seamen’s Church in Singapore

On February 24, the Danish entertainer Viggo Sommer was flown in from his vacation in Thailand to perform at the Danish Seamen’s Church in Singapore. The evening offered a great time with material not usually heard in a church.

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The concert with Viggo Sommer was one of many unlikely acts to be seen at the Danish Seamen’s Church on Mount Faber, which have arranged a number of concerts by snatching artists already in the neighborhood. The unlikely pairing of entertainer and venue happened through Sommer’s friend and soundmand, Johs, who supplied the church with other acts in the past.

Part of the night was also a lavish buffet that allowed people to enjoy the show with a full stomach. At the bar, the audience could supply themselves with beer, wine and water, and the venue at Mount Faber along with the entertainment made for a cozy evening.

Armed with a guitar and a unique dialect Viggo Sommer supplied a large number of Danish expats with a piece of home. Part of the show was songs about his divorce and jokes on two lost sperm cells, Copenhageners wetting themselves at night and a bachelor party gone wild. Usually not the material you would find in a church but like Sommer said:

“Even the priest laughed.”

It was Sommer’s first time in Singapore and even though he only had a few days for sightseeing, he enjoyed the country.

“I have been on Bali and in Thailand a lot but I’ve always just been in Singapore on lay over. I was very surprised of how nice it is here. I love architecture and that is very special here in Singapore.”

Viggo Sommer was exited playing at the unusual venue so far from home and was happy about the reaction of the audience.

“I travel a lot but after about ten days of relaxing, I start getting bored and I need to grab the guitar. To me business and pleasure walks hand in hand. It’s a special feeling being here because many of these people haven’t lived in Denmark for several years so I’m not quite sure how much they know of me or my songs. But they seemed happy and I think they bought it.

And that they did. All night through the audience were singing along and chuckling as Viggo Sommer shared his semi dirty and Danish humor.

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