Crayfish Party 2020 – most terrific party in living memory

It was a bang of a party! It was the Crayfish Party of the Scandinavian Society Siam at its best!

None less than 175 guests had bought tickets for the traditional Swedish autumn-celebration adopted decades ago by the Scandinavian Society Siam as a yearly tradition and celebrated this year on September 26th at The Landmark Hotel in Sukhumvit Road. Here, the Ballroom was filled to the brim with party-hungry participants, wanting to shake off the lockdown-doldrum sentiment, that has ravaged the community since March, when the Covid-19 closed the entire country for months.

Welcome drinks were served by crayfish-clad bar personel in the foyer, which was decorated with ice-sculptures (this year without tilting calamities). They provided the perfect backdrop for the usual photo-opportunities for the smartly dressed ladies and in many cases also their accompanying gentlemen.

The doors to the Ballroom opened, revealing table after table with plentiful bowls of delicious crayfish, superbly accompanied by canapés, salmon, cheese and other culinary specialties, all to be washed down with barrels of topclass beer, fine wine and of course “Aquavit” – “Water of Life” as the Scandinavians prefer to nickname their snaps – free-flowing and feeling like riverrafting in the wilderness of the Northern Scandinavian Peninsula.

Well satiated it was time to test the balance on the dancefloor, and with The Boss Bands inciting rhythms and hammering melodic Rock’n’Roll, not an inch of the floor was left untouched.

The Lucky Draw drew new turnover record, as the many lovely prices piled up, but the party guests seemed to lose interest quickly, as dancing now took the top of the agenda for another session with the phenomenal dance band.

Dancing and chatting the night away until time for Midnight Soup, the now tired guest were heading home after a night to remember for the many, while a few missed a detail or two of the final stage of one of the most successful Crayfish Partys in living memory.

Enjoy the photos below and find tons more here:



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