Crayfish Party: Full Power

The Crayfish Party of Scandinavian Society Siam roared on full power on Saturday 24 September 2016 at Rembrandt Hotel in Bangkok with SSS Chairman Lars Andersson as a fantastic MC and entertainer. Lars’ voice was raspy and sexy from a cold which made the drinking songs sound even more authentic. From start to finish – or at least until this reporter went down – he was on top of things, walking the tables, leading in songs, conducting the lottery. Eventually, he was relieved by the band Unicorn, and after one song this great all-girls band got the dance floor filled up with rocking and swinging Scandinavians.

There were close to 140 participants in the party and all had been manually placed around the 14 tables in the Ball Room of the Rembrandt Hotel where the party has been hosted as long as most guests can remember. Exceptions would be Poul Weber and Kristian Boe who were highlighted as probably the members, who had participated in most Crayfish Parties over the year.

Initial confusion regarding what beverage was included in the price and what was available only with coupons subsided as beer started flowing freely. Until then, the guests had to make do with water and snaps, which seemed to work out quite well, too, at the ratio 1 crayfish to 1 glass of snaps.

For the not-so-enthusiastic crayfish lovers, there was this year plenty of bread, cheese, quiche to feast on.

According to a quick assessment by the Treasurer and Photographer of the night, Claus Gundersen, it even seems that the evening made a nice profit for the SSS. What else can you ask for. Job well done, SSS!

See you next year!

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