DABS hosts soft skills development courses: ‘Communicate with Impact’

In September the Danish Business Association Singapore (DABS) hosts for its members a crash course named ‘Communicate with Impact’, which is a great opportunity for individuals and company leaders to improve their overall communication skills.

Participants will learn to: talk positively and create a virtuous cycle of spotting opportunities, convey a message with clarity, speak with confidence so more people will listen, and capture an audience when presenting.


Exclusively for DABS members, Mette Johansson from MetaMind Training is doing the training, to be held at NORDEN Shipping (Singapore) Pte. Ltd on 8 September 2015 and at the Royal Danish Embassy Singapore on 22 September.

The price of the half-day course is 130 SGD per person, discounted from the original 400 SGD per person. It is a unique opportunity for small and medium sized Danish companies in Singapore to make world-class training accessible to their staff.

About MetaMind Training
MetaMind training takes workshop learning to new levels. With elements of pre-programme preparation, continuous reflection, numerous hands-on exercises, in-classroom exploration and close post-training follow up, learning is fully optimised.

MetaMind further sets itself apart by focusing on small, but significant tweaks in behaviour that achieve maximum impact.MetaMind focuses on simple changes in behaviour that lead to more impactful communication, more positive people interaction as well as a huge increase in workplace productivity.

See more info in the ScandAsia Singapore events Calendar!

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