Danish university opens new education programme in Vietnam


The Danish University College Nordjylland (UCN) has been given permission by the Danish Ministry of Education and Science to establish a technical bachelor degree in Vietnam in cooperation with University of Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMUARC). The programme will take in Vietnamese students and give them a bachelor degree in international building construction.

Students at the Danish university will also be able to take part of their education at the university in Ho Chi Minh City as the curriculum at the two institutes will be identical.

Lene Augusta Jørgensen, the Head Master of Danish University College Nordjylland (UCN) is pleased with the approval.

“Since 2003 we have been working determinedly to start up an education programme in building construction in Vietnam. It is a big landmark that we have now received the approval from the ministry. At the same time it will be a huge benefit to both us and the whole Danish building industry to be close to Vietnam, which clearly is a country on the move”, she says.

To UCN and the Danish building industry it will be an outstanding chance to gain even more knowledge about sustainable building in a climate in big contrast to the Danish weather.

Danish students will also benefit.

“The opportunity for our students to take one or more semesters in Vietnam during their education, would make it possible for them to become trainees at the big construction companies in Vietnam. That way they will can achieve a special profile to their degreee,” says Jan Holler Fogger, education director of the technological degrees at UCN.

In Aalborg in Denmark UCN has for several years provided both a Danish and an international building construction degree. It will be a similar international version adjusted to Asian conditions who will begin in Vietnam the summer of 2017. UCN expects to acccept 35-40 students the very first semester.

“It will be a great challenge to try out our education programme on a foreign field, but we believe we have found the right model and are meeting great teamwork with our Vietnamese partner,” says Lene Augusta Jørgensen.

UCN has established an office in Ho Chi Minh City with a Danish full time employee who will follow up the development of the education programme continuously to secure the quality. The programme will be made in coorporation with the acknowledged Vietnamese University of Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMUARC). This means the education programme needs to be accepted by Vietnamese authority too, and Lene Augusta Jørgensen anticipates this will happen within the next couple of months.

Sources: www.building-supply.dk


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  1. Interesting program, Can Denmark open this school in other countries, Thailand , LAOS, Cambodia etc.

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