Danfoss to opens new heating plant in China

The leading heating company of Denmark, Danfoss, has begun operation of a new plant in Anshan city in northeast China’s Liaoning Province.

A Danfoss Co2 Mobile Training Unit

Danfoss has recently begun operation of a new plant in northeast China’s Liaoning Province, according to Xinhua Net.

With a price of 26.54 million U.S. dollars the plant wasn’t cheap but as China is seeking greener and more efficient energy solutions, it is designed to bring the newest heating technology to China.

The expected annual output is estimated to 31.7 million U.S. dollars and includes a production line that manufactures key parts of heating facilities as well as a research lab.

The Danish Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Christian Lilleholt, attended the opening ceremony, where he spoke of Denmark’s role in introducing green technology to China:

“Denmark would like to introduce world-class district heating technology and facility into China to reduce emission of carbon dioxide,” he said.

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