Norwegian fugitive who stabbed brother caught in Philippines

A Norwegian man who was sentenced to 7 years in jail for fatally stabbing his brother has been caught in the Philippines.

A Norwegian man has been a fugitive for several months, avoiding 7 years in prison for killing his brother during a fight in their hometown in Norway.


The man has been wanted since he fled to the Philippines on the 11th of April while he was waiting for his appeal at the Norwegian court.

According to Philippines Lifestyle News the Norwegian had a “violent altercation at the fugitive’s home in the town of Hellvik in October 2016.” And during the fight, the suspect grabbed a knife and fatally stabbed his brother in the chest, killing him instantly.

He was arrested by agents of the Bureau of Immigration’s Fugitive Search Unit (BI-FSU) in Santa Cruz, Laguna, according to immigration chief Jaime Morente.

“During the trial, Stensland invoked self-defence as the cause of his brother’s death, although prosecutors charged that he should be held liable for murder,” Jaime Morente told Philippines Lifestyle News.

“Stensland’s crime was ruled as a homicide as the court held that he did not intend to kill his brother when he fatally stabbed him during the incident,” he said.

According to FSU chief Bobby Raquepo, the Norwegian had been a frequent visitor to the Philippines. He is married to a Filipino wife with whom he had two children.

The BI-FSU is now processing his deportation order and the Norwegian has been placed on the blacklist, barring him from entering the Philippines again.

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