Danish Crown to end deal in China

The Danish meat giant Danish Crown has discontinued a ‘manufacturing and distribution’ agreement in China, according to the site Just Food.

The partner was Win-Chain. The decision to end the partnership is based on drastic decrease in production volume of pork.

The $338.8 million deal between Danish Crown and Win-Chain was supposed to run for 5 years with weekly deliveries of 250 tons of Danish pork.

The Danish company has announced in a press release that Danish Crown will establish its own sales team in China, reports Just Food.

“It’s not unusual with bumps on the road as what we are experiencing now when entering a new market. Now it’s all about targeted marketing, delivering security and constant high quality so that we can create a strong customer portfolio,” said the Jesper Tinggaard, the Chairman of Danish Crown’s Chinese operations.

Source: Just Food

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