Danish film screening coming up: Walk With Me to be shown in Bangkok

One of the very overlooked Danish movies of the otherwise dull 2016 is Walk With Me (De Standhaftige) is about to be shown to Thai audience.

On the 16th of June, the Danish Embassy in Bangkok will arrange a screening of one of the most critically acclaimed Danish movies in the center of Bangkok.

The story is one that fits perfectly into the raw Danish realism that the country has become known for. The war veteran Thomas, played by Mikkel Bo Følsgaard, returns to Denmark severely wounded and without control of his body or soul.

At the hospital he meets Sofie (Cecilie Lassen), a dancer at The Royal Danish Ballet, who convinces him to join Danish Wounded Warriors Project, where the dancers help disabled veterans gain control of their bodies through ballet.

This leads to a deep friendship (and more) between Sofie and Thomas.

Aside from being a touching drama, the primary praise from the critics went to Cecilie Lassen who actually is a former dancer at The Royal Danish Ballet. This was her debut on the big screen, and she hasn’t returned to it since.

Per Juul Carlsen of Filmselskabet on Danmarks Radio writes:

“You actually believe in her [Cecilie Lassen] as Sofie, which has to do with her not being worn down as an actor yet. Her energy and impressive presence in her role as Sofie makes Walk With Me a living romance.”

The film will air at River City Bangkok, FORUM room (2nd floor). The screening is free but seats are limited. For more information, visit the event on Facebook.

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