Danish police clear camp with Philippine drivers

The police has on 30 October moved Philippine truck drivers out of a camp in Southern Denmark, because the living conditions in the camp are bad.

The drivers were moved into a building close to the camp. The camp is located in Padborg in Southern Jutland close to the German border, according to TV2 News.

To the Danish magasin Fagbladet 3F, one of the drivers tells that the they “live behind barbed wire in containers under poor conditions, sleep on foam mattresses on the floor and cook outside”.

Furthermore, the driver also says they were promised good jobs and were very surprised to see what conditions they had to live in.

The driver Fagbladet 3F spoke to, claims there are 200 drivers in the camp.

The drivers are employed by a Polish subsidiary company to Danish haulage contractor Kurt Beier Transport.

The owner, Kurt Beier, says there are maximum 25 drivers living in the camp.

He also dismisses the statements about bad living conditions in the camp:
“The drivers have a place to sleep and we give them food and lodging. No one comes to me saying they don’t want to be here. Everyone is free to go home if they don’t want to work for us,” he said to Fagbladet 3F.

According to TV2 News, Kurt Beier is accused of exploiting cheap foreign labor.

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