Danish robots a success in Malaysia

Universal Robots, a Danish developer of industrial robots, has experienced great success in Malaysia for providing its robotic technology. The company is hoping to establish its presence in the Malaysian market, due to the increasing demand of industrial robots in the country.

Universal Robot UR5
Universal Robots last year introduced two industrial robots aiming above all at SMEs which cannot invest into a fully automated production.

According to The Star, there is an increasing demand for robot technology on the Malaysian market, as SMEs are starting to realise the benefits of automating their production lines.

The number of industrial robots in Malaysia has more than doubled from 2009 to 2010, from 209 units to 677, thus, creating great potential for Universal Robots to expand their business into the Malaysian market. Since its establishment of a display centre in China in 2011, the company signed on two distributors in Malaysia to expand its business here, and are now keen to help companies remain cost-competitive by introducing robotic technology.

Larger industries have automated production systems while SMEs struggle to afford the investment. However, Universal Robots aims to reach these companies by increasing robotics availability and affordability.

Source: The Embassy of Denmark 

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