Danish special envoy visits Vietnam


In mid March 2016, Danish Special Envoy for 3GF, Global Green Growth Forum. Mr. Geert Aagaard Andersen visited Vietnam to welcome Vietnam as the first ASEAN core government of the Global Green Growth Forum and explore public private partnerships with Vietnam for green growth solutions.

Ambassador Andersen in his talks with the Vietnamese government and the business sector saw many opportunities for Vietnam to both benefit from and contribute to the 3GF-platform and welcomed Vietnam’s participation in Forums Summit in Copenhagen, 6-7 June, which will this year focus on Energy, Cities and Natural Resource.

The Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) convenes governments, businesses, investors and international organisations to act together for inclusive green growth.


3GF was initiated by the Danish Government in 2011 in collaboration with the Republic of Korea and Mexico.

The 3GF provides an annual summit of high-level green growth leaders from governments, businesses, institutional investors and international organisations willing to take leadership and promote concrete solutions for the transition to a green economy.

A Global Green Growth Agenda
A rapid, large-scale industrial transition is needed if global economic growth is to continue while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions, adapting societies to climate change and promoting a sustainable use of resources.

This industrial transition has the potential to unlock new growth engines and spur global economic growth.

The mission of the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) is to explore and demonstrate how better collaboration among leading businesses, investors, key public institutions and experts can effectively drive market penetration and realise the potential for long-term inclusive green growth.


Partnerships between public and private actors are the cornerstone of 3GF’s work as they are considered key enablers to accelerate the transition to an inclusive green economy. Such collaborations aim at developing and promoting solutions that shift behaviour in a significant way, i.e. changing the game or the rules across borders and sectors.

3GF is an initiative in constant motion. Throughout the year we work with our stakeholders to identify new and promote existing partnerships that may bring green growth to scale. We seek to advance these partnerships in support of other global initiatives such as the World Economic Forum, Clean Energy Ministerial, G20/B20, SE4ALL, UN Global Compact, the SDG process and C40.

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