Denmark’s only participant in the winter PL in Beijing is now covid-free

The Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing kicked off with an opening ceremony on Friday. Meanwhile, Denmark’s only participant, Adam Nybo, watched it all from home due to covid-19. But now he is tested negative and ready to leave when he gets the green light.

Adam Nybo, who is alone in representing the Danish colors at the Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing, has tested negative for covid-19 three times in a row. This means that he is therefore now finally ready to travel to China after he was infected with covid-19 last week and missed the opening ceremony last Friday.

He is now waiting for the final formalities to come into place and for him to be given the green light to fly to Beijing.

To media Nordjyske he says, “I have tested negative three times in a row so the virus is gone. So now we just hope all the bureaucracy can be solved so I can get over there.”

He is to be tested a fourth time before departure and if that test is also negative, he should be able to travel to China.

“It’s a bit stressful now. But if I get to China, then it has been worth it,” Adam Nybo says.

Last week, he missed the opening ceremony, which he had been looking forward to.

“It’s a very sour feeling. I was really annoyed about not being there at the opening ceremony. It was a really nice setup and something I absolutely wanted to have experienced. It’s something that makes the event very special.”

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