Development countries gathered to discuss future technology priorities

23 development countries met in Bangkok to a Technology Needs Assessment workshop, where the Danish Ambassador to Thailand also participated.

Photo: Embassy of Denmark in Bangkok

Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) Project assists developing countries to determine their technology priorities and adapt to climate change. The TNA-project is implemented by the United Nations Environment Programme in cooperation with the Danish Technological Institute.

The workshop in Bangkok took place on 18 October and the countries discussed future technology priorities and efforts to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

At the workshop, the Danish Ambassador to Thailand, Uffe Wolffhechel, gave an introductory speech.

“What we really need to move forward is political commitment and local ownership. The enabling framework conditions are key to attract investments in climate technologies,” said the Ambassador.

For the first time gender guidance is also an aspect when looking at technology, and gender aspects are also discussed during the workshop. Throughout the TNA project, countries will receive guidance in how to ensure that new technology benefits society at large with an emphasis on gender equality.

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