Digital quality of life: Scandinavia ranks at the top

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Finland and Denmark rank 2nd and 3rd on the global “Digital Quality of Life” index developed by SurfShark. Singapore and Sweden ranks also high, they are 10th and 11th on the list. The other South East Asian countries are in general much further down on the list. The first one is Malaysia on the 37th place.

SurfShark, a cybersecurity company, has developed the index by measuring five factors influencing our digital life quality experience: internet affordability, internet quality, electronic infrastructure, electronic security and electronic government.

Finland and Denmark excelled on all parameters, creating an overall high general score – only surpassed by France.

Good quality costs – and perhaps too much

However, when looking at South East Asia, it’ s a little different. Except for Singapore, who ranks as number 10 on the list, followed by Sweden on the 11th place. But Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines will find themselves a bit further down the scale.

Ranking as number 51 is Thailand, and the Philippines as 60th. Interestingly, they both score on average on most pillars, apart from the one, which seems to be holding them down – internet affordability.

Whilst Thailand actually has an internet quality 36% higher than the global average, affording such quality might be difficult. For instance, Thai residents have to work for 4 hours a month to afford a fixed broadband internet, and 2,5 hours for a mobile internet. That is 13 times more than in Romania, who has the world’s most affordable fixed internet, and 9 times more than in Luxembourg, who takes the lead on affordable mobile internet.

It is getting better…

Nevertheless the affordability for internet seems to be increasing on a global level, which is also the factor in which both Finland and Denmark lack the most.

Generally people have to work 40 minutes less a month to afford fixed and mobile internet – an 11% and 26% increase from just last year.

Source: Surfshark

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