Danish Church of Thailand expands to Hua Hin

The Church Council with Morten Søegaard and his wife - the ones who offered their space as the new Hua Hin base.
The Danish pastor, Christa Lund Herum and Vice Chairman of the Church Council, Anette Mundbjerg Bach Hansen, with Morten Søegaard and his wife – the ones who offered their space as the new Hua Hin base. Photo: The Danish Church Thailand on Facebook

The Danish Church Thailand will be expanding its activities to Hua Hin in the next couple of months.

More and more Danes seem to cluster in the city of Hua Hin. And where the Danes are, the church also wants to be. So in 2022, the Danish Embassy and the Danish Church took a trip there to present their work, and to mingle – a crucial procedure if you want to start a new base.

“It won’t work if you come alone and try to create something without having any contacts. We need places to be and people to collaborate with,” the Danish pastor, Christa Lund Herum, explained in an interview.

And that they got.

First event: Ceremony at the new base

During the trip a Dane kindly offered that the church could use his café as their new primary location.

The first happening will therefore be on 4-5 November 2023 at the café My Honeypie. A service is expected to be held during Sunday, and there will also be time for those who wish to consult the pastor about anything from confirmation questions to personal guidance. But other events and restaurant visits can also be counted on to happen during the weekend.

“Look forward to a weekend of great experiences, festive worship and fun for the whole family. Everyone is welcome,” the description for the weekend goes, which can be found right here and will be updated eventually.

Second event: Christmas Advent celebration

But that is not all.

A Christmas event will also be awaiting during the days 8-10 December 2023. On Friday the 8th, it will be possible to have some Danish dinner at the Danish-Thai restaurant Little Mermaid and Mamma Toys, and on Saturday the church returns to their new base, My Honeypie to host more events. Finally, a service will naturally take place on the Sunday – but this time in a private home.

All details about the weekend can be found here.

A new beginning

“I’m really excited. We’ve been looking forward to getting further out and having a new regular base elsewhere,” the pastor explained with a smile.

She expects to regularly visit Hua Hin 4-5 times a year – and hopefully it’s the stepping stone to further expansion.

“This is a step towards the church hopefully being able to visit Northern Thailand a couple of times a year in the future, where a number of Danes also live. I would like to see that happen sometime during the coming spring. Phuket is also an ideal place to visit annually. But again, it requires contacts, resources and lots of planning.”

Meanwhile, she says, any Dane is more than welcome to reach out to her – no matter where in Thailand they are located.

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