dtac anticipates massive increase of digital channels use

On 30 January dtac announced strategic targets to achieve its 2020 digital ambition. The company plans to increase the use of digital channels by up to seven times, allowing its customers to accomplish more and to complete routine operations faster.

By 2020, 35 per cent of dtac’s sales will be through digital channels, in contrast with today’s figures, which are still in the single digits. Similarly, customer care will be 95 per cent digital, which is about double the current figure. Marketing will more than triple its use of digital channels, aiming for 65 per cent by 2020.

“These are huge increases compared to our current standing, but the growth we achieved in 2017 shows we’re on track to reach these objectives,” said Mr Lars Norling, Chief Executive Officer of Total Access Communication PCL (dtac).

dtac’s digital marketing has strengthened its big data analytics capacities and accelerated the current cycle of updates to the dtac website and apps. As a result, in-app bill payment has already doubled in 2017, and the app already represents 60 per cent of upselling.

To grow these figures even more rapidly, dtac aims to hire over 200 hundred digital talents by 2020. As part of its refocused strategy, dtac is also re-evaluating its business on a regular basis. This has led to increased investment in some areas and redeployment in others, with a leaner target headcount of no more than 4,000 employees by 2020.

“We’re focusing on what we’re good at, which is to offer the best possible digital experience to our customers. And that means increasing customer personalization and simplification so that we can put all our energy in services where we truly add value to the customer,” said Mr Norling.

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