EuroCham invites to EU-Vietnam dialogue on air quality and sustainable transport

The European Chamber of Commerce Vietnam invites you to join their upcoming webinar titled ‘EU-Vietnam dialogue on air quality and sustainable transport’ on 21 September.

More about the event:

The increase of personal incomes and accelerated urbanisation over the last decades have contributed to a growth of private means of road transportation in Vietnam. The number of total vehicles increased almost four-fold from 2005 to 2020, putting Vietnam’s mobility system under serious strain and with negative effects on the environment and quality of life. 

One of the major issues which need to be urgently addressed by sustainable policies and technology solutions is air quality. Vehicle emission has been a major source of air pollution in most of Vietnam’s big cities, indirectly having serious consequences on people’s health and the country’s economy. It is estimated that about 30% of lung cancer deaths, and 43% of respiratory diseases deaths are related to air pollution. If no immediate measures are taken, people’s health will be at grave risk. 

The last few years witnessed various efforts by the Vietnamese Government in tackling this serious issue. Various policies and guidelines have been implemented to strictly control vehicle emissions and fuel quality, encouraging public and private investment in public transport systems, and incentivising manufacturing of environmentally-friendly vehicles. Europe has been a close partner on this endeavour. In continuation of the EU-Vietnam collaboration spirit, our distinguished experts will share and exchange in a virtual dialogue on the topic of air quality and sustainable future of mobility. 

Our experts will shed light on: 

  • Assessment on the contribution of Vietnam’s transport sector to air quality 
  • Analysis of current landscape of Vietnam’s regulatory framework and government policy orientation on controlling/reducing air pollution and emission 
  • Perspectives on how the challenges to air pollution from transport sector should be tackled with experience and lesson learnt from Europe, non-governmental organisations, and technology solutions providers 
  • Opportunity for coalition building between governments of Vietnam and EU, UN institutions, private companies, NGOs, etc. on the topic of air quality & emission

Languages: English – Vietnamese (Simultaneous translation) 

Find more information and sign up here

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