Finland extends entry restrictions until April 30

According to Schengen Visa Info, Finland extended the country’s entry restrictions until 30 April 2021, due to the COVID-19 situation that continues to prevail. The new decision will be effective from April 1.

The restrictions on external border traffic have remained unchanged. They have already been lifted for Australia, Vatican City, South Korea, Singapore, Rwanda, Thailand, and New Zealand due to the low infection rate in these countries,

The Finnish Government also noted that all Finnish residents have the right to return to the country and leave the country at any time unless any specific law restricts them. However, the Government recommends that all persons avoid non-essential travel to any country abroad, except for those that have already lifted their entry restrictions and where COVID-19 infection rates are lower.

The Border Guard has announced that all travelers wishing to cross the border can get further information regarding cross-border traffic by calling or emailing them. The service is available in Finnish, English, and Swedish. Additionally, the Finnish Border Guard (RAJA) has published exceptions to opening hours of border crossing points.

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