Finland offers education cooperation with Indonesian schools

Finnish Ambassador to Indonesia Kai Sauer has touted his country’s famed education system as a pioneering model for Indonesia to aspire to.fin_indo_schools

“We see education as a subject where Finland is a global leader, and, of course, we would like to promote the Finnish education system also in Indonesia,” he told the Jakarta Globe on Wednesday during an education seminar in Jakarta.

“As an embassy we have tried to bring together education [stakeholders] from different levels,” he added.

Sauer said Finnish education stakeholders, from university officials to the ministry of education and the private sector, saw Indonesia as a key market.

“Indonesia recognizes its education has to be reformed. In many regards, they’re willing to engage with Finland and learn from our experiences. So we’re addressing the teachers, professors to disseminate the information through their universities and institutions,” Sauer said.

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