First Event for Scandinavian Students in Singapore

Student Event at the Norwegian Siemen's Church in Singapore. Photo: Norwegian Siemen's Church Singapore
Student Event at the Norwegian Siemen’s Church in Singapore. Photo: Norwegian Siemen’s Church Singapore

The Norwegian Seamen’s Church has its first social happening for Scandinavian students in Singapore the 25th of February. Dinner and conversation are key words for the event. But the church is also a place for the students to feel at home.     

‘Hungry Student?’ The invitation to the Student Event in Singapore starts.

Mostly Norwegians and Swedes are participating in the events organized by the Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Singapore. But some times students from Denmark and Finland are represented as well, Kristian Engelstad Kvalem, one of the organizers from the seamen’s church tells.

“We created a community where young people from Scandinavia can meet and socialize. It gives them security and a place to feel at home,” Kristian says.

The Norwegian Seamen’s Church find it important to meet the young people to make them aware of the help and advice they can get.

“For example if they have any problems later on, we will help them and give them advices,” he says.

Besides the first event in February, the Norwegian Seamen’s Church are planning three more events – one more before summer and two in the autumn. Every year ends with an annual christmas dinner. Around 50 students are participating every time.

Read more about the event and sign up here:


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