Finnish man thrown out of friend’s apartment, kills self

A Finnish man apparently hanged himself in the morning of February 9 outside the apartment of a friend after he was thrown out by her the night before. suicid_hang

Chiang Mai police said the crouching body of the Finn, identified as Matti Kalvi Perlinen, 31, was found hanging low on railing with a belt around his neck.

Investigators did not expect foul play as it was evident that the death was self-inflicted.

A 45-year-old Finnish woman, Suutarinen Anu Orvokki, told police she invited Perlinen, who was by himself looking sad and dejected, to her apartment Sunday night after running into him at a flower show on February 8.

Perlinen was supposed to spend the night at Orvokki’s place. But late that night, a visibly-disturbed Perlinen began cutting himself on the wrists and arms.

The Finnish woman said she panicked and threw him out of her apartment, expecting him to calm down.

The Finnish Embassy has been told by police to contact Perlinen’s family in Finland to take his body back to Finland.

Source: Thai newspaper

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