First KRAV-labelled cheese to Southeast Asia

Sweden’s most famous eco-labelling is arriving to Asia – in the form of Cheese!


Almnäs Mill is the first to export KRAV-labelled cheeses to Asia, as a company in Macau, China, placed a trial order, following on participation at the fair Natural and Organic Products Asia (NOPA) in Hong Kong.

A large hotel complex in Macau, with everything from luxury shopping to casino has ordered Almnäs Mill’s four cheeses: ‘Almnäs Brick’, ‘Wrångebäck’, ‘Anno 1225’ and ’Almnäs 1 Liter’.

“Our dream is to export cheese all over the world and this is the first time we sell to Asia,” says Thomas Berglund, CEO Almnäs Mill.

Almnäs Mill in Vastergotland got help from KRAV to exhibit at NOPA fair and enlisted the help of Business Sweden to find potential customers.

“We see a strong growth for the eco label in for instance China. It is also clear that the values KRAV represents, in addition to being organic, are attractive in this market,” says Johan Cejie, sales manager at KRAV.

KRAV-labelled food partly means that the EU’s rules for organic production are followed, but also specific rules around four areas of compliance:
• Consideration of climate, for example, KRAV-certified companies should have electricity supplied by renewable energy providers.
• Additional animal welfare, for example, KRAVs pig should be allowed to root in the soil.
• The employees of the company will be well taken care of, following the rules of social responsibility.
• Health: KRAV does not permit nitrite in meat products.

Besides KRAV pavilion at NOPA fair in August every year there are more fairs where to exhibit. In October each year, KRAV hosts a pavilion at the Nordic Organic Food Fair in Malmö and for those who want to put their products out on the European market KRAV provides exhibition space also at BioFach, the world’s largest eco trade show in Nuremberg.

KRAV is Sweden’s most famous eco-labelling for food, based on organic basis with particularly high standards of animal welfare, health, social responsibility and environmental impact. It is a registered trademark with the Patent and Registration Office. Registration allows KRAV exclusive rights to the trademark.

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