Foreigner in Zhejiang province are welcome to join voluntary vaccinated programme

On 6 April 2021 the Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai announecd:

According to Zhejiang Foreign Affairs Office, Zhejiang province has decided to include foreigners over 18 years old in the province into the program of getting the domestically-developed Covid-19 vaccine on the basis that they are informed, voluntary and willing to be vaccinated at their own costs and bear corresponding risks.
Foreign nationals in Zhejiang who are eligible for taking vaccines
may make the vaccination appointment through the following ways:
1) if foreign nationals are employed, they can make the appointment through the employer, and their employer will collect all the information and book for its employees with the local health department
2) individuals can make the appointment through their residential community (village) offices, and the latter will book with the local health department
3) individuals can book the vaccination appointment directly with the local designated hospitals.
English hotline services:
Zhejiang Provincial Foreign Affairs Office: 13968133909
Hotline numbers of local Foreign Affairs Offices:
Hangzhou: 13958131110,13738034948
Ningbo: 0574-89186517,13805861661
Wenzhou: 13777763969
Huzhou: 0572-2665087,15868266437
Jiaxing: 0573-82521578,18268483571
Shaoxing: 13957526426, 13065789670
Jinhua: 19957991790
Quzhou: 0570-3082055,18057082711
Zhoushan: 0580-2265836,18405806396
Taizhou: 13511437337
Lishui: 0578-2091809,15906416899
Yiwu: 0579-85214963, 18267780658

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