Helping hands for expat brides-to-be

Monaco business woman Emma Hawker established offering online wedding list service, gift purchase and shipment, and bridal gowns to Scandinavian and expatriate brides-to-be. 


Many globe-trotting couples found each other in Asia or moved here together. Once engaged, many prefer to get married in their homelands or a nearby destination where guests can conveniently travel to. One of the major things for couples to address is the gift wishes. Which country to send the gifts and how to ship large wedding gifts to Scandinavia?

The bridal registry and the wedding list (known as Bryllup liste in Scandinavian) are part of the wedding tradition in Western countries. It plays an important part in the wedding planning process.

Established by Mrs. Emma Hawker, is Singapore’s first and only personalised online Expat wedding registry service. The website is geared toward Scandinavian and other expatriate brides who seek to keep in touch with their Western wedding traditions.

“My friends from Norway and Sweden use online wedding registry services from their homelands, where family and friends purchase wedding gifts from a wish list as for example ‘Hardanger Bestikk’ (Hardanger Silver Cutlery)” says Emma.

Originally from Monaco, Emma is an expatriate in Singapore married to her partner Tom Hawker.  It was after her experience of setting up her own Monaco wedding that Emma decided to help other brides to be.

The wedding preparation is a massive project itself, and setting up a wedding registry service back home is often not an option due to time constraints and the expense of shipping items back to their current location.

“Enter for the convenience of the bride and groom’s family and friends wanting to purchase a treasured gift for the happy couple living in Asia, which will also be a keepsake to remember them and their wedding day by,” says Emma.

On top of that, Emma provides a service to assist wedding arrangements in Singapore.

“With the added benefit of having a personalised wedding website that includes the wedding invitation, details on location and transport (all designed around the wedding colours and theme), guests have instant access to all the information no matter where they are located or where are traveling for the nuptuals,” says Emma.

Emma also tells us about the cases when you are invited to a wedding and do not know what to buy. Posting a wish list onto the wedding registry will make the gift purchase easier for the guests. However, you may wish to give away a gift that is useful and enjoyed for generations to come, as seen in Nina Ratshack case, says Emma.

Nina is a Singapore-based expatriate from Norway. She bought her sister who got married in France the traditional Chinese Wedding Cabinet. She then shipped it to her homeland from Singapore, after the bride had decided which color she wanted. This massive piece of Asian furniture had to be shipped through Nina’s own private contacts in the Singapore Shipping Community.

After hearing about this case, Emma decided to offer a service for this kind of shipment as well.

“My wedding registry service is the only one that could incorporate that, as us from Europe would know how to purchase, register and ship off,” she says.

The first thing you do as a bride is finding The Dress, the Big Day’s Bridal Gown. This is a challenge in Singapore and Emma is happy to announce the launch of the wedding dress service. was officially launched in July, offering personalised wedding gown advisory service to help expat brides in Singapore find that ‘one’ perfect dress for their special day.

For further information, please contact Emma Hawker on +659685 9644 or e-mail: [email protected]


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