Singapore Lama leads Danish mediation course

Buddha Center Himmerland is this week offering a special meditation course with Lama Shangpa Rinpoche at this center in the North of Jutland, Denmark.

The lama is presented as a sort of arch bishop for Buddhism in Singapore and the big monasteries in Pokhara in Nepal.

The lama is also the spiritual guide for the Buddha Center Himmerland in Vesterbølle which is centered around a stupa and praying mills.

Claus Hermansen, who is one of the local followers explains to the local Nordjyske media that meditation – or mindfulness, as he calls it – is a very relaxed state of mind where you are so calm that you are almost asleep.

“It can be achieved through training just like you learn how to ride a bicycle or skiing,” Claus Hermansen explains.


Lama Shangpa Rinpoche with the Danish Lama Ole Nydahl. 

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