Hong Kong face shortage of Swedish Tamiflu drug for children

Hong Kong is facing a shortage of the Swedish medicine Tamiflu which is administered to Kids with the flu.

The lack of medicine is expected to continue until June. There has been a sudden unexpected rush in demand for medicine at pharmacies following the removal of the COVID-19 mask mandate in the country.

Swedish company Roche, which manufactures the solution form of Tamiflu, confirmed the shortage of the medicine in a statement. The doctors in Hong Kong have raised alarm over the drug shortage.

Pediatricians in the city are warning that kids might suffer from chronic illnesses and serious complications in the respiratory system if the medicine is unavailable.

According to reports, doctors are unsure about when the flu season will peak. Physicians, hospitals and clinics have said that there may be a need for an additional supply as the drug won’t be on the shelves for another week. The cold and flu cases are continuing to rise across Hong Kong. One hospital has admitted around 218 patients with flu symptoms. Of these, nearly 142 cases were fatal.

Source: republicworld.com

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