Hong Kong Heritage Pork introduces Danish production methods

Hong Kong Heritage Pork is one of few branded pig farms in Hong Kong and the first to introduce cutting-edge livestock equipment, feed formulas, and breeding management from Denmark, Yahoo finance reports.

As one of the largest pig meat exporters in the world, Denmark is leading in sustainable pig production. Bringing the Danish methods to Hong Kong, Hong Kong Heritage Pork utilizes industry-leading techniques to raise pigs in clean, sustainable, and data-driven ways.

Hong Kong Heritage Pork has also included EU-certified pig feed formulas, fully automated feed machines, and multi-site breeding in their production.

According to John Lau Hon Kit, the managing director of Hong Kong Heritage Pork, the goal is to ensure high-quality meat, which means the pigs are being fed premium-grade US corn and soybeans. His motto is, “You are what you eat, best feeds make the best meat.” The exclusive pig feed formula is made with filtered mountain water from Kai Kung Leng to suit different nutritional requirements for pigs raised in the subtropical Hong Kong climate.

Lau Hon Kit explains that by using Danish multi-site breeding and production scheduling methods, Hong Kong Heritage Pork is helping to reduce the spread of infectious disease, improve environmental control, and increase feed efficiency. These methods have also helped grow the popularity of their exclusive breed, the Tai Chi pork. The Tai Chi Pork is renowned for its full-fledged flavor and exquisite marbling. It is popular among chefs and local restaurants in Hong Kong.

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