How To Put Our Office Supplies To The Best Use

Have you ever wondered if you can do something different with the colored pencils, crayons, brushes, rollers and other office supplies you usually buy from us? Whether you want to embrace a new hobby, create a fully customized gift for a loved one, or spend more quality time with your children, you have tons of ideas to look into – and these next few tips should help you get started!

How To Make A Frame For Your Desktop Photo Using Office Supplies

If you are thinking of making a special photo frame for someone’s birthday or anniversary, or you simply wish to display more of your stashed photos because of your lack of sufficient frames, you can easily create homemade frames using a minimum amount of office supplies.

  • Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard, with the size of the rectangle being the size of the frame; make the rectangle a few inches wider on the sides.
  • Cut a rectangle using the middle section of the cardboard, with the rectangle’s size this time being slightly smaller than the size of the photo.
  • Paint the photo frame using our brushes, crayons, or pencils – paint it in one color or use patterns and figures. Cut star, heart, or letter shapes and glue them on the frame.
  • For the back of the frame, cut another rectangle – smaller than the frame – and glue it to the back (to three sides), leaving one side open to insert the picture in.

How To Make Bingo Cards At Home

Another thing you can create at home is your very own set of bingo cards. If you are a big fan of the game and you are constantly seeking the best online bingo sites, you must be familiar with the Lucky Touch Bingo site and their excellent Sit n Go or Fringo tournaments, along with their rich selection of bingo games (90 Ball Big Ben, 90 Ball Victoria 90, 80 Ball London Hall, r 75 Ball Buckingham Palace to name just a few). These fellows have partnered up with Cozy Games Management Limited in order to bring passionate players amazing online bingo services and games. With dozens of bingo varieties and more than 35 games which can be played in fun mode or for real money, Lucky Touch Bingo has every reason to turn into you inspiration when creating your own bingo cards at home.

All you need to do is draw a large square on a piece of cardboard and divide it into 5 rows and 5 columns. Write a word or a number on each square and change their order on each card. Write “Bingo” above the square and place a letter of the word above each column.


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