Innovative solutions in place at IKEA’s newest store in Singapore

IKEA Singapore is opening its newest and smallest store to date in Singapore. Despite the size, however, the Swedish furniture maker has installed several innovative solutions to make shopping for home furnishing – and enjoying those Swedish meatballs – more convenient.

The magazine CNA lifestyle has pointed out the top things to look out for when the new 3-story IKEA in the Jem mall opens on Apr 29. It is IKEA’s first store in the west of Singapore and each level is organized according to the rooms. Level 2 is “Living Room”, Level 3 is “Bedroom” while Level 4 is “Kitchen” along with the IKEA food hall and restaurant. IKEA Singapore’s newest store does not have a “Market Hall” but each level showcases a mix of furniture and accessories that you can conveniently pick up for purchase immediately.

Jaap Doornbos, IKEA’s retail director for Singapore and Vietnam said to CNA Lifestyle that this new three-story outlet is “a small store with big ambitions”.

The new store offers a “click and collects” service (for selected food items) which allows customers to order food before arriving at the restaurant or for takeaways. There is also a digital interactive wall for children located in the restaurant and eight one-stop kiosks where customers can access a host of platforms such as the IKEA Family sign-up and the IKEA website. The kiosk can also be used to show customers their way around the store and check prices by scanning a product’s barcode.

In addition, the store will have staff walking around the store with a tablet in hand to assist anyone with questions. IKEA Jurong is also the brand’s first cashless store and each of the three floors will have its own check-out area. Lastly, the store will have beam projectors which is a static digital solution helpful in highlighting the hidden benefits of the selected piece of furniture. With the beam projectors, customers can learn about the product without assistance from co-workers.

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