Kirkens SOS to place crisis aid volunteers in Thailand

Kirkens SOS (the Church’s SOS) in Norway is currently experiencing an increased number of Norwegians who are in need of crisis aid. They are therefore looking for new ways to find volunteers seeking those who are already abroad. This year, a pilot project in which volunteers can travel abroad, and at the same time help out as telephone operators was introduced. Kirkens SOS has already performed trials in Spain and plans to introduce such trials in Thailand in the future.

– “This trial has worked well technically and the volunteers have been very satisfied, so this seems to be an interesting way of working in the future. We are looking into how we can answer telephone calls during Norwegian night time in a more effective way than we are today, so the plan is to run a trial project in Thailand” says Lasse Heimdal, general secretary of Kirkens SOS.

– “The reason why we are looking into different ways of recruiting volunteers is because of the enormous demand. We receive many calls on telephone and chat, far more than we are able to answer. There are many people in Norway who struggle everyday, and there are many young people who say they struggle with the meaning of life.”

Kirkens SOS collaborates with the Norwegian Sjømannskirken on Costa del Sol in Spain. In addition to running a crisis service, they will offer courses for the volunteers who will also receive free food and accommodation.

The picture above shows the building in Coste del Sol where the volunteers live.


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