Missing director of bankrupt company is said to be hiding in Singapore


Fraud suspect Jesper Haron Mortensen, director of now bankrupt Sead Distributions, is believed to be in Singapore. Several sources have told the Danish IT-magazine Computerworld that the director is now living in Singapore. Allegedly he has even started a local company that bears the same name, as the one he went bankrupt with 2 weeks ago.

Danish and Swedish companies have been accusing Sead Distribution of selling fake electronic products. Jesper Haron Mortensen has been under the radar, since the Danish police searched Sead’s warehouse last fall. According to Computerworld several trucks were needed in order to remove all of the illegal goods.

The Danish police is still investigating the case. In 2011 Jesper Haron Mortensen went bankrupt with another company called Conta. Back then goods with a value of up to 15 million DKK disappeared from the company warehouse.

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