Thai tourists are on a shopping spree in Denmark

Courtesy of @missbossy flickr
Courtesy of @missbossy flickr

Thai visitors in Denmark have overtaken the Chinese when it comes to the consumption of luxury goods. According to Berlingske Business, Thai visitors spend an average of 6.627 kroner in shops during their stay, almost 2000 kroner more than the Chinese average of 4.652 kroner.

The numbers are derived from VAT refunds provided by the tax-refund service Global Blue. The large difference between the budget of Thai and Chinese shoppers is partly due to a significant decrease in the amount of money spent by the Chinese. According to Stine Juelner Global Blue’s country manager in Denmark, this behavior is most likely connected to the firm administration of Xi Jinping.

“The Chinese officials do not use as much money as they used to when they travel to places like Copenhagen, and our data paints the same picture in other large European cities,” Stine Juelner says, and adds that China is trying to regulate the Chinese consumption of luxury goods in foreign countries through a new national tourist-legislation.

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  1. Maybe because all those who visit their boy/girlfriends in Denmark is calculated in the statistic as well, so when they stay there 3 months, their spendings are big, compared to a Chinese tourist who stay there 2-4 days !
    Statistics are as you read them !

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