Myanmar welcomes Vestas

The Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas has just signed an agreement with Myanmar. The agreement is suppose to ensure Myanmar with a stable energy supply and welcomes Vestas on a new market, which will manifest the company as a strong global player in the wind industry.

The Danish Foreign Ministry informs in a press release that the agreement between Vestas and Myanmar is signed with representatives from the local energy company Zeya & Associates in the Ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen’s home in the capital of Yangon last Thursday.

“The country is facing a rapidly growing demand for energy in the future, and wind energy can contribute to creating a sustainable solution meanwhile being a good business case for investors,” said Giorgio Fortunato marketing director of Vestas in Asia in the press release.

Long-term corporations
According to Danish newspaper Børsen, the partnership between Vestas and Zeya & Associates initially focus on developing a wind energy project of 32 megawatts in the state Mon. Such an order would have a value of about 200 million DKK, which will give Vestas the ability to form the basis of a long-term cooperation.

Yangon, Myanmar. Photo by Paul Arps/Flickr



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